What is seller flex


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What is seller Flex ?, how get this services ?




As a Seller Flex seller, you are required to carry out various operations related to inventory and order processing at your specified premises recorded in Amazon systems under the Amazon Seller Flex Program (also known as the ‘Flex Site’). To know more about this process, kindly visit [help page|https://sellercentral-europe.amazon.com/gp/help/202186170].

Currently, seller flex program is on invitation basis. Amazon will be inviting sellers who will be meeting the below mentioned criteria -

• Sellers should have their own warehouse.
• Seller is currently occupying more same in a conventional FC. Opening seller flex for such sellers would create more space for other sellers in conventional FCs.
• Seller wants to sell more ASINs through FBA but unable to add them to FBA due to space/cost constraints.
• Seller wants to sell in new categories and add more products to FBA.


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