FBA Refund Reason Undeliverable shipping address


Hello Guys This is the reason why our products get cancel i have uploaded the screenshot this tricks people use n we suffer losses. Amazon should take some action or should make some rules so that this type of frauds cannot be done


Agreed i have seen the monthly invoice of charges like listing + shipping fees some places the shipping charges are Rs. 230, Rs. 120, Rs. 110 and some places Rs.160 etc i think amazon.in is creating Frauds in shipping fees too it was suppose to charge Rs.78 with Gst but i never find it transparent way


me also facing same probelem


yes same problem hereā€¦


I am also facing the same issue.


Yes we also notice this lot of RTO returns , we also facing wrong return problem and when we raise the tickets we received the reply that 0.73% of sale will be return and no other claim , this is too less for the average return we receiving wrong.
Why amazon not cross check the product before taking it from the customer. now the courier person can check the product on phone only. Amazon is suh a big company and getting wrong return or used product return from them is really bad.


100 % agree with uā€¦ Amazon taking high rates of commision fixed closingā€¦ Then Amazon should pay for those stupid thingsā€¦ Seller ruins that charge and appreciation take Amazon. This is the best site ā€¦ Amazonā€¦ order kiya nahi chahiye koi baat nhi cancel kar deā€¦ Seller cancel karega to 8% customer k liye freeā€¦ same customer doing same thing again and againā€¦


Absolutely right , they are using unusual things to Amazonā€¦ There should be only replacement policy. . No refund to customers. We want 100 loyal customer not 1000 fraud customersā€¦


Yes I Also Getting same Problem From FBA Undeliverables shipping address. Approx 60%


we are facing the same issue


itā€™s only happening, due to no knowledge of shipping. i prefer to shipping by you.


actually this is the fact. people only know how to send mail and then cry.


Yes , we also facing the same issue , lots of return and refund only by same reason in FBA , and its not 100% refund to seller , seller have to pay courier charges of send product . this is a fair policy of amazon . seller getting a big loss by this refund reason .


Thats not a valid reason , we selling all order above 1000Rs , so buyer getting free delivery , they no need to place any fake order .
i think amazon placing fake order for increase traffic on FBA order .


i have face with this problem


guys, i might sound abit stupid, but please tell me how do you people find out that the reason for fba return is ā€œundeliverable shipping addressā€
when i see my past FBA orders, i just see ā€œrefund appliedā€ written on some orders, but there is no reason mentioned.
please help.


Its any day better to discontinue FBA and Easy Ship.

We have suffered huge loss due to FBA returns (Undeliverable shipping address).

There policies are in favor of buyer.


same hereā€¦im also same isssueā€¦


Completely right and amazon doesnt have any solution for that


Yes amazon priority is only buyers not sellers