How can I sell with Cloudtail on amazon?


Cloudtail India is a joint venture of Inc.
How can get in touch with them and sell products via Cloudtail ?


Cloudtail is selling only Fast Moving Items , Hence First you need to create the Listing on Amazon and then you would have to start selling the Items , Once the Listing would start getting the sales Cloudtail would Contact you automatically

However I would suggest you to partnered with Few Top Sellers On amazon as they can Provide you better Support as Cloudtail tail is Good for Reputed Brands as Cloudtail does not do any Branding …

However Please let me know for which Category of Products so i can see if i can Connect you with the Right person


i want to sell bags and luggage category… i am already registered and selling as well, but want to increase my business… i am a manufacturer in bags and can provide the best quality at lower prices… but want to sell with cloudtail.
please assist me.


I am Yuvaraj panchal from Ernakulam. I have complete knowledge about selling on amazon india. I Know how to list products optimize listings, Run Ads on amazon india, A+ manufactures contents Keyword Analysis.
If you need any help contact me on below details i will definetly help you.



I am Prahlad Singhal from Rajasthan . I have complete knowledge about selling on amazon india. and creat ur own site I Know how to sales products online with amazon or ur site


First you have to understand the cloudtail and how does it work to provide the best and most competitive prices. Cloudtail is not involved in each and every product line,It only deals into branded product.They purchase directly from the factory or FIRST LINE of sellers with huge investment and huge they sell at a price where you cant compete with them.
So you should first understand your product price that do you have that price ability to sell them at such low price or at factory rate.

secondary you have to understand the product line which you want to sell.Is it fast moving or not.



Vehicle GPS Tracker


Dear Friend,

If You have any account manager For Your account Then You can Ask About This Because They have Authority to align with you.

But They Can’t Help You To Increase Your Panel Sales So Try To Increase your sales before Onboard in Cloude tail

Because We noticed that many sellers started the Work from Claudetile and Also Claud tail provided Big P.O But after don’t get any sell in that ASIN they are start for Return.

So again say you before work with Cloudetail Increase your Business Potential


I deal in Clothing Accessory category especially Shawls and scarves/Mufflers. I am a manufacturer of these providing unique designs at reasonable rates. Kindly let me know if any seller would be suitable.

Kalwant Hosiery Mills


Hello Sir,
Currently I’m Selling in HPC Category.
Kindly suggest me.


yes , please share contact details





please share your number.



I am a seller on the amazon and i am selling my products, i want to sell my product with cloudtail, please contatct, 9829365779


we are looking to sell in grocery & gourmet foods category at amazon pantry

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